We know you’ve been asking for it for a long time and we’re beyond thrilled to announce our next Maker Material: Wax!

From the moment we introduced metals, you asked if we could just ship the castable wax. As of today, you can order the wax of your model, ready for you to cast into any number of metals, either in your studio or at a casting house. Our wax can be cast just like normal investment casting wax, for which there’s a large variety of methods.

Here are some details, the full set is on the Wax Material Page:

Max Bounding Box: 75 × 75 × 50 mm
Lead Time: 10 days
Price: $10 startup, $8 per CC
Because Wax is so fragile, there’s a higher labor cost due to handling and packaging. This is incorporated into the startup cost, which brings it up to the cast metal startup price.
Wax will soften at 60C/140F so we’re confident we can ship it to even the hottest places.
Wax is a Maker Material which means you can only order your own models, you can’t set them for sale.
For now, we’ve put wax on trial for 8 weeks and we may change the guidelines based on what we learn
We’ve included a set of rules and a set of recommendations for Wax. The rules are the limits of what the printer can print, but the recommendations are based on what we’ve found can be cast successfully. We hope this helps your design decisions.

Excited to try it? Learn more on the Wax Material Page, How to Get Started and in this Wax Tutorial.

As always, we’d love to know what you think—tell us how you’re planning to use Wax and share photos of your casting results!


Introducing Castable Wax: Newest Maker Only Material from The Shapeways

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