The Game Awards 2015

A promotional piece created for The Game Awards. The show broadcasts live from Los Angeles on YouTube Gaming. Thursday, December 3 at 9 PM ET / 6 PM PT.
Based on the theme, “How do you play?” we take viewers along a gamer’s electric pathway through a mechanical labyrinth to illuminate & empower the core of the 2015 Game Awards. We implemented a mixture of practical FX, CG animation and multi-media motion graphics. The score was also created using a variety of synthesizers, vocoders, percussion and abstract circuit board sound recordings.
Design Direction
Peter Clark
Projection & Lighting Design
Conor Grebel
CG Design & Animation
Chase Hochstatter
Production Assistance
Gillen Burch
Sean Dekkers
Wendie Ing
Sound Design
Peter Clark ~ Enternull
Conor Grebel ~ Bedtimes

Category: Advertising
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